Newborn Photography Session Prep Guide

Newborn Photography Session Prep Guide

The first few days of your new baby’s life are so precious. I’m truly honored to be able to freeze those moments to last a lifetime! I thought it would be helpful if I created this post to explain to the parents of my littlest clients what to expect in their newborn session!


I recommend connecting with me a few months prior to your due date so that we can discuss a few tentative session dates. While babies definitely come on their own time, it is helpful to have something that resembles a plan in place! When baby decides to make their appearance, just send me a message or give me a call after you deliver and we can set an exact date and time. Please keep in mind that newborn sessions are most successful between 3 and 14 days old. The older the baby gets, the more difficult it is to get those cute, squishy photos that we all love, and it is also harder to get them to sleep through the session.


Newborn sessions take place at my in-home studio in Windber, Pennsylvania.

The Day Of


Most of the poses that I do in a newborn session will work best if your baby is very sleepy. I recommend trying to keep baby awake for an hour or two before your session, including the car ride to my studio.


A full baby is a happy baby! I recommend feeding your baby immediately prior to coming to your session so that when you arrive, they can slip off into a nice deep sleep. Be prepared for a few feeding breaks throughout the session to keep baby happy.


I ask that you keep your baby’s diaper fairly loose fitting during the few hours preceding your session to avoid any diaper lines on your baby’s skin.

Your Session


Please do whatever you can to keep noise to a minimum during the newborn session.


As your baby will be naked for several shots, I keep the studio very warm for newborn sessions. Please keep that in mind when choosing your own clothing.


Safety is my number one priority when handling your baby, so either mom or dad will act as my assistant.


If you are bringing siblings along, please bring quiet toys or books to keep them entertained. It is helpful for both parents to attend, or bring another adult with you so that one parent can focus on keeping baby happy throughout the session and assisting. If you would like to have siblings included in a few photos, it is recommended bringing them in at the beginning or end of the session in order to maintain a calm environment for baby.


I have various props, wraps, hats, etc. that are available for use during your session, all of which are washed prior to each session. If you have any props that you would like to include in your session, feel free to bring them along, but let me know ahead of time so that I can prepare!


If you have any questions about your session, please feel free to reach out to me!

I look forward to working with you and your little one!